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WHY Briggs IP?



Our legal team includes only seasoned intellectual property attorneys and agents with years of experience working with the world's largest IP law firms. 




Before starting our own practice, our team provided legal services to the world's largest tech and manufacturing giants, including  IBM,, T-Mobile, Caterpillar, United Technologies, and many others.  We know how to craft and manage great IP for our clients.  



We saw the writing on the wall.  Businesses in the digital economy can no longer tolerate the old way: big law firm rates, big law firm inefficiencies.  At Briggs IP we operate based on a lean model for delivering world-class legal services. We create real value for our client with every working thought, every working action, all of the time.  And our reasonable fixed fees provide predictable bills with no surprises.


Our model does not include paying for high rise real estate, marble lobbies, or mahogany libraries.  Instead, we provide consistently excellent legal services, that are calibrated for the connected world.  Our experienced expert attorneys and agents perform your work, not newly-minted graduates like at the large law firms.   Your work is performed by world-class technical and legal experts with years of experience, at reasonable fixed rates that you can count on.

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